Hart InterCivic eSlate

  • After you’ve been qualified to vote at your voting precinct, the election official will hand you a piece of paper with a four-or five-digit access code.
  • Take the access code to the next available voting booth.
  • Below the eSlate screen, you will find five buttons (Previous, Next, Enter, Help, and Cast Ballot) and a select wheel. Turn the select wheel to highlight the screen option “English” or “Español” and then press the “Enter” button. Voters with visual or mobility impairments, blindness, or literacy challenges can use the eSlate’s integrated audio ballot reader, two large tactile switches, or a sip and puff attachment to navigate through the ballot.

  • Enter your access code into the eSlate machine by rotating the select wheel until the number you wish to enter into a box is highlighted. Press the Enter key and move on to the next number. Once you’ve selected and entered the last digit of the access code, the screen will take you to the first page of balloting.

  • In each race, select a candidate or issue for whom you wish to vote by using the select wheel to highlight a name and pressing the Enter button. If you change your mind, use the select wheel to highlight the correct name and press Enter (your previous selection will be de-selected). Touch the “Next” button below the screen to move to the next ballot page.

  • When finished, you will be presented with a Ballot Summary Screen showing your selections in each race. If you want to change a selection, use the select wheel to highlight the race or question and press Enter to return to that page to make a new selection. Once the Summary Screen reflects your selections for each race, press the “Cast Ballot” button at the bottom left of the eSlate machine to complete the voting process.