ES&S iVotronic

  • After you’ve been qualified to vote at your voting precinct, you or a poll worker will use a Personal Electronic Ballot cartridge to activate your electronic ballot.

  • On the screen, select whether you want to vote in English or Spanish. Visually and physically impaired voters can use the voice-guidance technology and up-and-down keys and diamond shaped key to make selections.

  • In each race, select a candidate or issue for whom you wish to vote by touching the candidate’s name to highlight that selection. If you change your mind, de-select the candidate or issue and then select the correct candidate or issue. Touch the “Next” button at the bottom right of the screen to move to the next ballot page.

  • When finished, touch the “Review” button to confirm your selections for each race. If you want to change a selection, return to that page or candidate by touching the office or candidate’s name on the Review screen and then make a new selection in that race.
  • Once the Review Screen reflects your selections for each race, press the flashing “Vote” button at the top of the screen to complete the voting process