Early Voting

Texas is a pioneer in early voting, having become the first U.S. state to offer in-person early voting in the 1980s. You do not have to meet any special qualifications to vote early in person – if you are registered and qualified to vote on Election Day, you can also cast a ballot during the early voting period. This enables Texas voters to cast their ballot in the days and weeks before an election to make the voting process more convenient and accessible.

Vote early in person.

Generally, early voting in person begins the 17th day before Election Day (if that’s a weekend, early voting starts on Monday) and ends the 4th day before Election Day. Vote at a location in your political subdivision that’s close to where you live or work. All other voting rules and procedures apply – e.g., eligibility and polling hours.

(NOTE: Early voting for some special elections and for elections held in May starts the 12th day before Election Day and ends on the 4th day before Election Day.)

To learn more about requirements for voting by mail, visit the Voting by Mail section.