About the Office of Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is one of six state officials designated in the Texas Constitution to form the Executive Department of the State. The Secretary is appointed by the Governor, with confirmation by the Senate, and serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

As Chief Elections Officer for Texas, the Secretary is responsible for ensuring the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout Texas as stipulated by the Texas Election Code — the “law of the land” for Texas voters, elections, voting systems, candidates, and political parties. The Elections Division maintains all Texas voter registration records on behalf of the State, as well as administers Project V.O.T.E. (Voters of Tomorrow through Education). Project V.O.T.E. is a curriculum taught to students K – 12 throughout Texas to educate young Texans about the electoral process and to encourage them to vote in the future.

The Office of the Secretary of State also provides a repository for official and business and commercial records. The Business and Public Filings Division — the State’s “giant filing cabinet” — consists of four different sections that maintain filings and records related to Texas corporations, financial and banking transactions, executive branch commissions, legislative mandates, and other public organizations. All official state rules, meetings, opinions, and proclamations are published in the office’s weekly administrative journal, the “Texas Register.”

Finally, the Secretary serves as keeper of the state seal; attestor to the Governor’s signature on official documents; and, under the administration of Governor Rick Perry, lead liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs and Chief International Protocol Officer.